Monday, January 24, 2011

the corporate ladder

Today is one of the day ..this thinking crossed my mind once again.
"There's no point climbing a corporate ladder"

The more i expose to outside world, the more i felt, this might be right.
With my human mind, i felt, there's no point working for other people's company.
I have seen many people, worked hard, climbed to the top and find out that the seat they are sitting is extremely HOT and the next moment, they are gone.

I used to fight with my immediate supervisor for my direct reports' benefits...
I used to fight so hard for something i want.
but today, i realized, REALITY sometimes just sets in.

It robbed away your dreams.
Robbed away your "fantasy" about how wonderful your job is.
Smashed you hard on the floor and woke you up.
Hey! What's up there???? It's not Satisfaction, It's not great Rewards, it's actually nothing!
No wonder solomon keep saying in the songs of solomon.........
"Meaningless, meaningless......"

Once again, i understood the sentence.

God has asked me to store up treasure in Heaven, the one which cannot be robbed away.
God has asked me to deny myself and carry the cross.......
God has asked me to open up my spiritual eyes to see the things He wants me to see.

Again and again, I knew i am still chasing things in this world.
And He let me.
What have i become???

I need His intervention.
I need to find my purpose on earth once again.
I need to realign back to the path He sets for me.
I need to pray for a brand new direction.
I need a revelation.

A new day in a brand new Hotel.
A new beginning.
A new assignment.

( i am obviously confused.)

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