Friday, January 07, 2011

Life after ....

I was writing my 2011 resolutions the other day.
And i realize, i could not imagine my life after mid April.

I can only think of Dec 2011, i wanna go NZ.
About work, i find myself stuck. So much so i love flying and traveling everywhere, up down mountain, can i still do that after April?

So much so i enjoy my SINGLE Life now, will there be a lot of RESTRICTIONS after April?
My parents gave me freedom of choices always, what about the other future parents-in-law?? Will they restrict me? Control me? trying to make things go their way?
What about my spouse, will he restrict me? Will he change? Will he be impatient??
Will he force me to have baby soon?? ....................

baby is cute.
But baby will means lost of freedom.
Baby is completely helpless and need our tender care.
Baby bring laughter but baby also bring depression.
oh boy.
So much so i love babiesssss, but........ i am just not ready to have my own. :(
And the Duties which come with it.....
the responsibilities .....

The fear of the unknown hits me once again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah. i know what you mean about the fear of unknown.. esp ppl like u n me.. :)

Is this a common feeling of the bride-to-be? :P

Lai, like always, we always support each other and go go go..

afterall, everything will be over one day, no?