Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another path

So, i went to office this morning n have f-f with my big boss and direct boss.
Well.. basically..... i was not quite listening to what big boss said.. as i only hear a thousand reasons why it's good for me to transfer to new team directly.

I said " YES".

I said "YES" to my marriage in 2010 Feb and even though things were not as smooth as i imagined, but this is a decision i have yet to regret. Haha!

So, i hope this "YES" will not bring any regrets to me... and of course i hope this "YES" will direct me closer to the path God always wanted me to go.
I am just a person who needs a little PUSH sometimes... ( just as i need someone to PUSH me down from the 3rd floor into a 5m swimming pool back in my navy time)

So.. I will be in my new team, reporting to new boss soon.

Go Go Go!!!

I contacted a few house agents just now to sell my dad's house. I am hopeful that we will get to sell out by this year. Amen!!!! " Sell Sell Sell!!!! "

I previously executing my PLAN A..... but due to some changes, i am executing my PLAN B now... Plan B is just enhancement from PLAN A, where i added a little excitement... thing which i always wanted to do........

Way to Go!!!

I saw this saying during my visit to Income Tax department the other day.
" He who would like to have something he never had, will have to do something well, that he has not done yet"

Good Saying... have certain wisdom in it and really makes me think.

20-30s ---> I ve learn quite a lot of things through out this decade of my life. From being a student to an employee. From being in a relationship to break up to entering into a relationship and got married. From production works to RND and then to customer support. From being a non christian to experience God's love and power and believe in Him wholeheartedly. I am still learning, enhancing, and constantly seeking.

I hope i will embark into a wonderful next decade of my life.

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