Saturday, May 21, 2011

Used to vs Now

I suddenly recalled.....

I used to believe in myself, believe that i can achieve something great..
I dream of building a city.
I dream of shaping a society.
I believe that i will bring great impact to the world in my own special way.
I used to think that i have hidden potentials....

i often feel lost.
I often have the needs to isolate myself.
I often cry in the room myself.
I feel stuck.
I feel i am not flowing in the right direction which i should be.
I am low in energy.

I need to WAKE UP.
I need to shed off the DUSTS on my shoulder and Rise UP once again.
Lately i have been feeling that something is happening in my life.
I am being shaken out of my comfort zone.
Again and again, i make it through.
I believe the same thing this time.
I will rise up Stronger.
I will run and not be weary.
I will flap my wings and fly.

:) Way to go!

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