Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dinner 3

Ok.. Today had a fight with both immediate n big boss... I felt that I m independent enough to work on the issue myself but they keep wanna interupt n giv me direction n expect me to follow.... I just completely pissed off.......!! N oh no... Tmr I "earned" a one to one talk with my immediate boss... 自己找来的。。。。。

nvm... Suppose to talk bout dinner I cook. Oh yes.. Today my ex's wife giv bitrth to a bb girl...

Ok.. Dinner.. I forget to take picture... Maybe due to I onlycook some left over stuffs I bought.

1.fried rice
-Left over rice
-4eggs (2mix into rice, 2fried)
-a bit of ikan bilis

2. Stir fry cucumber n minched meat
-minched meat..half packet fr yesterday

Mmmm.altogeter this dinner for 2 is.around..RM5?

Pretty cheap... N I love simple cooking.. My hubby no choice but I forced him to eat n say nice thing.. Hahaaa
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