Thursday, October 30, 2008


So i hanged my No 1 outside to dry this morning.

some ask me don't wear.
some ask me wear karate uniform..
this ask me this..that ask me that....

ha..1 party, many headaches....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DnD..back to school

So this coming friday is our RND department DnD night.
I actually did not plan much on what to wear.. perhaps just a casual school-like type of baju kurung.

Sk asked me to wear my navy uniform...
So i show me, No 1, Mess Kit, 2-delta and 2 bravo..and he said either No 1 or messkit.
and har har asked me to wear No 1.

So ok lar, coming back..... i think i set a record.
Since i commision back in year May 2002, i did not wash my No 1 and mess kit. haahahhaa!!!
6 years!!!!!!!!!!!! left UNWASHED........ my goodness

And i tried on it, i remembered 6 years back, i was sick during the comission, hence, i lost a lot of weights, til i remember when my bf saw me........he was smiling happily...i could still remember the smile! so it showed how much i have slimmed down....And today, i tried on the No 1.. i think it was with 26inches waist.. and......... hahaa, tight.. luckily i can still zip it. :P

So i put my No 1 into bleach ... :P together with my mess kit inner white blouse , which already turned to yellow a bit.. :P ehhe...

but the thing is, i could not locate my WHITE CUT. :(
i remembered i placed on top of my cupboard some years ago.......but when i opened the plastic, i only see the spike boot....white cut polish..........handkerchief.. belt.... but NO WHITE CUT!!!!! :(

could it be i left it at my home?? (sounds impossible)
or could it be i left it with my ex................sob sob!


My heart just could be at piece. Since last night, I was not happy that someone else annouce the news related to me ahead of me. :(
I have no choice but to admit it at the end.
But, i am not happy.

I tried to smile and just played along, but i am not happy. :( I thought i would have forgotten about this today, but i did not.

Have you ever feel this way??
that you have someone else announce the news regarding of your status even before you?
How do you feel?

"#%#$%#%#%".. that's how i felt. :(
Though it's not a bad thing, but i just don't like the feeling.
I don't like the attitude of people, upon knowing some news, they just like to spread it, spread as if they know more than others.. spread to gain the approval from others.. the admiration from others.... i simply hate this.

i came across this attitude many times through out my life..
during school time... during work time... i still remembered the hurt..the feeling of being "betrayed". Given few years back, i would have stopped the friendship with the person.

But now, i have learned that... if you don't want someone else to know the news, the best is, don't announce it. As the chinese saying goes.. 若要人不知,除非己莫为。

I think as a leader, be it church/organization/family/anywhere else.. it is relatively important to have the wisdom to know what to disclose, what not to be disclosed.
It is the same in the family too.. where you have your son trusting you, sharing to you his secret, and you spread his news in the whole family and have his sisters teasing him with the news.. how would he feel?

I guess, it's a matter of WISDOM n SELF-CONTROL.

mm.. anyway, this time, it is a small matter compared to many years back. And once again, i am being reminded, that i have to have to self-control to filter the things i said/choose the right one to say.


No coverage

ee.. no maxis coverage in that green place....


17days to go

so 17days more to go for 25KM half marathon!
Text Color
and i was struggling for my 5km on the tar road!
Finished 10.5rounds at sunnyville, believed to be only 4.2KM.. and walked for 2.5rounds, 1.2KM.
i think >30mins... hahaa~

today my kor asked if i am running at 15KM.
"What?!!!", i replied.

mm, hope i able to pick up til may be 15rounds running this weekend, which is only 7km. :D
Pray that my india trip will not crashed with my bridge marathon.
and also.. my darling's fishes and plant will not die.. haahahaa...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

body fat

went measure my body fat....

hahaa, i am currently 54KG, 163cm tall...
fat= 24%... 13KG fat in my body..


Friday, October 24, 2008


finally.. i teringat bring my shoe today :D
haahhaa..for the many many reasons...
i finally complete my first ever "Malaysia" 5KM run.. haahahhaa...
previous one all did in bkk..

yeah.. wanna know my time?
hehe... 5km, 30.1 mins... hahaa... i think i almost fall flat after that..


wow, i am way behind my 23mins 2years ago...
i remember that pilot did 2.13hours for 22.3KM...... wahseh... looking at that...

to complete 25KM within 3.5hours, every i have to run 5km/30mins.. that makes me have to run at

Speed= distance/time= 25km/3.5h= 7.14km/h... mmm.

my current speed= 5km/30.1mins= 5km/ 0.501667h= 9.97km/h....
if i can maintain at 10km/h for 25km, i will be able to complete within ...
Time= distance/speed= 25/10= 2 hour 30 mins! (wahhh... a record for myself??)

if 9km/h.. then 2 hours 47mins! (not too bad..hee)

mm, looking at that, let's aimed for 9km/h for 10KM first la... OKOK~~

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cool things..

some cool sites i found today...

-> wow, this is a powerful tool.. very nice..i downloaded the trial version...
it can translate.(the whole paragraph!). it can pronouce the english word for you...
it has the drop down menu which convert the news into a mail-like constantly update you about the news..
have many gadgets... record the calories u ate... hahahaa...
can play radios online..(i yet to try this features)

mm.. i quite like this.... :D

2.) I wanted to buy a WI-FI phone....
I was looking at charlie's Motorola Q9H which is quite cool..only AT&T can enable the Wi-Fi..
and then i found Motorola ZN5. so like the outlook)...and i found this today..
hehee, i think i like motorola Q11...hopefully it's I tried with my darling's phone to online.. but it's like button to press...with my "not-so-gentle" touch.. i am worried the screen will crack..haha...
I quite like Sk's phone.. Nokia E71.." nice to hold.. :D

mmm Q11 vs ZN5?? which one is better for me?

(ha, i actually wanted iphone)

Buddha Jump Over the Wall

hahaa.. i was anticipating for this meal....

but.. i guess it's a bit under my expectation..
i expect a very big bowl of ceramic vase containing all the abalone, sharkfin, scallop etc....
haha.. i think now we are living in a MODERN world..

So here's the "Buddha Jump over the wall" i ate..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OCT 23, 2008

i was trying to recall when was i got baptised last night in prayer meet...
i think it was Aug 14, 2004.... wah! 4 years already??!!
and.. how many "fish" i got? ==== NONE...!!! oh boy.
So i prayed that i will get many fishes for the Lord... hehehe~~ HOpe this will come true.

mm, OCT23, 2008, a new day to remember. hehehehehee......

Monday, October 20, 2008

Looking for new housemate again...

so my sis want to move out.... :(
and i am looking for new housemate again.......

posted a link on the 1 uncle called up...from his voice, i guess he is uncle kut... said want to move in by 28sept... errr...

i need to seriously pray bout my new housemate........
sometimes, i just wish that i ve a house of my own, then i no need to worry bout housemate anymore... ish.

now i got house, but the house for parents eh, somemore so far.. alamak...
nvm lar, let's see how it goes.. :D

pray for me ya, to get a good housemate;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


it's been a while i don't feel jealous. :(

But yesterday was not a good day.
for the first time, i am JEALOUS!

I am not happy over something.
I was reminded of the hurts in the past relationship.
I went out for prayer in church. I told pastor about it.

I guess it's been inside my heart a while since he told me that he is sad over me because i don't forgive him.
As far as i thought i have already forget about this matter, but i was just being reminded of this last night in church.." You sure you already forgive him?"

I cried.
I remember the feeling of jealousy almost 3 years ago...
the moment of the broken trust......
broken heart...
sleepless nights...

I hope the prayer will work its way in my heart.
I hope i will really close the chapter of me and him.
I hope the feeling of guilt, hurts, unforgiveness, will be filled by the love of God.

mmm.. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

2 birthdays

just came back from MGC. Had fun with those kids just now.

Had an awesome chocalate cakes too!! wow, seems like today i had 2 cakes.. :D

mmm, i am having some "relation" with all of them now.. hehee...
sometimes i am a bit afraid of too emotional attached.... because sometimes it's hard to separate..

I just watched the "Left Behind" too.. and it makes me think. i think those who are left behind will felt scared. But it's never too late to turn to God.
it is about Rapture and those who left behind.
Rapture= time at the end, where before the 7 years tribulation, those believers were raptured(got caught up to heaven)

"For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord."(1 Thessalonians 4:15–17)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


yeah... so our state going to be WI-FI free huh?

seems like they are making the WIMAX into Wi-Fi... haha, i used to think if i have a WI-FI phone, i can access WIMAX network.. look like i am SERIOUSLY WRONG... Diff frequency altogether... and comparing them it's like comparing apple to orange.

WiMax networks are similar to Wifi in deployment. The Wimax Base station/Tower will beam a signal to a WiMax Receiver. Similar to a WiFi access point sending a signal to a laptop. :) Understand? Look at the diagram below to better understand.............

QOS (Quality of Service) is an major issue with WiMax because of the number of people accessing a tower at once. Some would think that a tower could be easily overloaded with a lot of people accessing it at once. Built into the WiMax standard is an algorithm that when the tower/base station is nearing capacity then it automatically will transfer the user to another WiMax tower or cell. Unlike a Wifi clients who have to kind of fight to stay associated with a given access point; WiMax will only have to perform this hand shake at the MAC level the first time they access the network.

WiMax is designed for building a network infrastructure when the environment or distance is not favorable to a wired network. Also, WiMax is a cheaper and quicker alternative than having to lay wire. Third world countries will greatly benefit from deploying WiMax networks. WiMax can handle virtually all the same protocols Wifi can including VOIP. African countries are now going to start deploying WiMax networks instead of cell phone networks. Disaster zones can also utilize WiMax giving them the ability to distribute crisis information quickly and cheaply.

Militaries are already using wireless technology to connect remote sites. Logistics will be simplified with the ease of tracking with RF technologies. WiMax can also handle Webcams and streaming video which would give commanders eyes on target capability. Just imagine if planes were able to drop preconfigured self deploying WiMax antennas in strategic areas giving troops real time battlefield intel. Armed with wireless cameras, drones and a GPS one soldier would truly be an Army of One.

As WiMax is deployed in more areas theory and real life capabilities of WiMax will come to light. The differences between WiMax and Wifi are simple. Think of a WiMax network as an ISP with out wires, with the signal providing your internet access to your business/ home. Wifi will be used within in your LAN for the near future.

hahaha..reading until the end........ i think it simply means that now, it's better to get a WIMAX or Wi-Fi phone(since our government is converting the WIMAX into WI-Fi for us..).. and we can make free phonecall... YEAH~~~~~............ :D


I have been thinking of living a moderate life lately.
I got very inspired by the story of warren buffet who spend the same x amount of money even his earning increases drastically.

I had a friend who is quite moderate in his spending too. He is earning big bucks, but he is always as humble and he controlled his spending to only buying what's needed. I admire this character of moderation.

mm.. I hope i will practise moderation in my life too. :)

A good testimony

mm, a good testimony shared by my cg member.

In a hokkien service, when pastor ask who need prayer, go to the altar, suddenly God prompted his heart to ask the couple beside him. And he asked them if they need prayer, they can go in fron for pastor to pray. And then, they said nvm. Right after, he asked the aunty who is just right beside him, "Aunty, do you want to believe in Jesus?".. the Aunty waved her hand indicated "NO NO NO.."... Persistent, he continued to ask the aunty if there's any pain in her body that she needs prayer (because he remember the Elijah challenge that we learned months ago in church about God healing the sick so that unbeliever can witnessed God's presence). And the aunty told him that, she has been having this gastric pain for years and cannot recover, and it is still pain today. With boldness, my friend just rebuke the sickness in Jesus name.... and asked the aunty, "Aunty, I have done the prayer, do you still feel pain now?"..... and.......... the aunty said.."NO.."... she was excited. And continued from that, he asked her, "Aunty, do you want to believe in Jesus now?" and the aunty agreed. So he led her to sinners prayers.

Right after, he moved towards the uncle. And with the same question, he ask the uncle.."Uncle, do you want to believe in Jesus?".... same.....Uncle rejected. Again, my friend ask the uncle.."Uncle, do you have any pain in ur body that i can pray for u, right here, right now?".. uncle shared to him about his thumb, cannot bend for years and his wife knows about it. And with boldness, my friend prayed and rebuked the sickness. Right after.."Uncle.... i have done the prayer, you show to your wife now, whether it is healed?"... WOW....... and aunty said.."wow.. he is healed... his finger can bend now.." And with the same question, he asked the uncle.."Uncle, do you want to believe in Jesus now?".. and uncle said "YES". And same, he led him to sinners prayer.

mm, He was so excited on that day.
1.) Due to he is able to sense God's prompting in his heart.
2.) Due to God exercised His power for Elijah challenge and led 2 people to Christ. ( First two in his life!)

mm, This story encouraged me as well.. I am reminded of the power of Jesus, for He is an overcomer. It's great to have a God like that. :) Amen~~ I hope i will be able to bring my first 2 people to Christ too... yeah~~

Thursday, October 02, 2008

sad day?

today so weird....

happily i come back.....

but i talked to my friends..
this one not ok..that one angry.... this one disappointed..
another one just "eng siu" "eng siu" me........
so weird.......

where were the happy go lucky moment????

ha, i am planning a HATYAI trip........see if can jadi... hahaa, since did not shop much in bangkok... heheeh~~ so go HatYai shop la..and get a good thai massage. :D yeah~~~ mm, i started to miss Miss Jessica in thailand.... mmm.. she is very much like my sister a bit where they keep many pairs of shoes in the car.. hahaa, slipper la, sandal lar, high heels lar, sport shoe la.. mm..

helpful... manja.. adventurous... sporty..feminine.. a combination of all...

yeah, back..

haha, never had i so anxiously hoping the plane will fly faster...... and finally, i touched down in penang airport...... hehee............

so tired.. and yet... happy.. hehee, today went to office, boss said.. u go back rest la.. yeah.. okok! :D so here i am , at home..

arh! dunno what to wear for tomorrow's wedding. :(