Thursday, January 15, 2009



24 Dec 2008, happily i collected my brand new Q9H.
-arhg!! button works intermittently!
-argh!! maximum audio seems to have problem and audio hole!!
RM1399 paid.....

25 Dec 2008, i decided not to use it anymore, awaiting for exchange once i got back to Penang.
26 Dec 2008, called up the distribution center, asking for replacement.
30 Dec 2008, back to Penang, returned Q9H to distribution center.

ohh... celebrating 2009.....................

waiting.....waiting...waiting...........many days have gone wow wow...

9 Jan 2009, sent a complaint email to distribution center, asking for update. Giving them a date line of 12 Jan 2009, replacement/ RM1399 refunded.

13 Jan 2009, got the new replacement. Arhggg!! Max Audio still not working fine!!! I was frustrated. Checked with distribution center, asking them, if they have any records of phone latest software.

14 Jan 2009............... i waited for their call about update. Noon, they called, "your Q9H is ready, it is working fine after upgrading software. !"

15 Jan 2009, collected my Q9H.

A journey of 23 days altogether!

Lesson Learned:
1.) Always check the phone information, especially the manufactured date.
Apparently, my phone was manufactured at March 2008.
2.) Always check the important function that you want to use, in this case, the navigation button, bluetooth, speaker phone and also maximum audio. Always check maximum audio.
So, i found faults!
3.) Always make sure your phone is on latest software.
because, as an engineer( ahem), a lot of fixes will usually be software fixes. So if there's no option of getting a new hardware revision, always ask for a latest software revision. Phone software is usually created to be backward compatible.
4.) Always check the phone functions and make sure you report your faults to the distributor.
-Check them before paying.
-If found faults, do not accept the phone and ask for new replacement. Record the serial number.
-If found faults later at home, within 7 days, you can still ask for a new replacement.

:) Be a wise consumer.

hehe, i want to thank my darling, my cute colleague and mr white for their constant support. hehe~

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