Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get organized

haha, the one and only thing i want to achieve in 2009 is to get organized...

So i kicked start with the refrigerator........

WOW..........SUCH a home- sweet- home for germs when i opened the few-months-shut refrigerator!!!! ill!!! ......

finally~~ just close my eyes and throw every stuffs inside. ( ok ok.. i have to confess i have not throw all stuffs inside since my refrigerator stop functioning a few months back. but i only keep the dried stuffs, ok!! )

hehe, so looking at the refrigerator corner of my house... i need to continue to clean up tomorrow.

1.) Separate my sis stuffs and my stuffs.
2.) Throw away unneccessary stuffs.
3.) Give away unwanted clothings.
4.) Arrange the kitchen utensils.
5.) Fix my toilet light.

mmmm..............wahseh, so much things to do!!! i need help!!!!
sob sob~~

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