Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What should i do?

mm, about refrigerator...

Background of the refrigerator:
-not there initially
- sponsor by house owner when we mentioned that we are looking for a refrigerator

In mid year 2008:
-since there's not much cooking done.....so we just leave it and not repair it.

Jan 2009:
- a new korean girl wanted to shift in February, needed a fridge.
- So i send the fridge for repair.
-repair fee, estimate to be RM500- RM550.

So the decision would be:
1.) Do i want to share the RM500-RM550 repair fees among all housemates?
The male housemate don't really need a fridge.
the male housemate only here mon-thurs night.

a.) share the fees among all housemates equally
b.) claim from house owner, even though he sponsor us the fridge
c.) only share between korean housemate and i.

2.) What should i do with the electric bill?
a.) equally divide among all housemates
b.) only divide between korean and i.

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ruiqing said...

tricky situation. Ad no, am not offering solution, just commenting, haha