Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am starting to look at investment during this period.

Basic that you should know:
1.) FD, at 3.7% yearly interest rate. 1 time $$ allocation.
5 years time- 19.9% growth
10 years time- 43.8% growth

2.) EPF, at 5% yearly interest rate. 1 time $$ allocation.
5 years time- 27.6% growth
10years time- 62.9% growth

Remember the figures above, then you will know how to actually judge a fund's growth. (correct me ya if i am wrong..)

*************************Great Eastern**************************************
And so.................... my investment planning...............
1.) To activate my monthly insurance GSR top up with Great Eastern.
a.) may be i should just top up a monthly 100 to Lion Strategic Fund.
A fund which invests in a mixture of equities, fixed income securities and money market instruments. There is flexibility in asset allocation as this fund may invest solely in fixed income securities or equities. This fund seeks to provide medium to long-term capital appreciation, with a moderate level of volatility.

2007- 30.5% growth
2008- 22.6% drop
since inception(jan 06) to dec 08 - 19.9% growth ( 3 years period)- same as FD 5 years growth.

OR..... if i choose for lower more secure way...............
b.) Lion Fixed Income Fund
A fund which invests in fixed income securities like government and corporate bonds (ranging from 40% to 95%) with the balance invested in cash and cash equivalents. This fund seeks to provide consistent return at low levels of volatility.

2007- 7.1% growth
2008- 5.3% growth
5 years period to dec 08- 44% growth (higher than EPF-5years growth 27.6%)

****************************Public Mutual*************************
2.) I then can move to support my friend's in Public Mutual.. the public china select fund i bought since inception. May be i should also activate monthly 100-200.

2007- 9.12% growth
2008- 41.39% dropped
Since inception ( jun 07- jan 09)- 45.04% dropped ( meaning you can buy with very low price, if you think china market will recover in 3 years time)

3.) You can also choose to look at some of the Islamic funds which also have a huge drop.

Higher return always means higher risk!

So in financial planning........
1.) Protection always come first ( insurance plan, medical plan, etc)
2.) Savings for something( children, dreams) --> can choose low risk investment
3.) then you have surplus of $$$, u can choose higher risk investments. :)

mmmmmmmm... But 1 thing for sure..........Store up your treasures in Heaven. :) The only investments which guaranteed you a super high return. If you have doubt, call Him at....... Jeremiah 33:3

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