Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Starting my 2009.....

wow. Quite a good start for the year.

First, i try to read the bible and pray short prayer every morning.. and put a tick on the calendar-like box that PCC prepared for us.

Secondly, i cleaned up my room a bit.

Thirdly, i stopped by my new house on 29 Dec 2008 and sleep on my newly bought sofa on 1 jan2009. :D my family moved in on 25 Dec 2008. hehee~~ So we will have Chinese New Year in our new home. yippee!!

Fourthly, i spend the New Year with my darling's family. hehee.

Fifth, i went to the GYM today. hahahaa.....! and i hike the monkey beach on 4 jan 2009.

sixth, my small room new housemate moved in on 4 Jan 2009...

and FINALLY.............
a korean girl said she wants to stay in the middle room which i about to rent out on Feb 2009.
-she cook dinner
-she love cleanliness
-she is a finance officer
-she is quite pretty
mmmm, more to find out.

I truly thank God for He really provides. :D
I was just thinking of... may be it's good that i can get a female and pretty housemate...........

and there......... I GOT ONE!!!

Let's see how is the journey of 2009 gonna be................

and yupe!!! I set up a new site.

Do check it out. :) And i am thankful for my many supporter friends..... :)

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ruiqing said...

u like to make listssssss