Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am starting to look at investment during this period.

Basic that you should know:
1.) FD, at 3.7% yearly interest rate. 1 time $$ allocation.
5 years time- 19.9% growth
10 years time- 43.8% growth

2.) EPF, at 5% yearly interest rate. 1 time $$ allocation.
5 years time- 27.6% growth
10years time- 62.9% growth

Remember the figures above, then you will know how to actually judge a fund's growth. (correct me ya if i am wrong..)

*************************Great Eastern**************************************
And so.................... my investment planning...............
1.) To activate my monthly insurance GSR top up with Great Eastern.
a.) may be i should just top up a monthly 100 to Lion Strategic Fund.
A fund which invests in a mixture of equities, fixed income securities and money market instruments. There is flexibility in asset allocation as this fund may invest solely in fixed income securities or equities. This fund seeks to provide medium to long-term capital appreciation, with a moderate level of volatility.

2007- 30.5% growth
2008- 22.6% drop
since inception(jan 06) to dec 08 - 19.9% growth ( 3 years period)- same as FD 5 years growth.

OR..... if i choose for lower more secure way...............
b.) Lion Fixed Income Fund
A fund which invests in fixed income securities like government and corporate bonds (ranging from 40% to 95%) with the balance invested in cash and cash equivalents. This fund seeks to provide consistent return at low levels of volatility.

2007- 7.1% growth
2008- 5.3% growth
5 years period to dec 08- 44% growth (higher than EPF-5years growth 27.6%)

****************************Public Mutual*************************
2.) I then can move to support my friend's in Public Mutual.. the public china select fund i bought since inception. May be i should also activate monthly 100-200.

2007- 9.12% growth
2008- 41.39% dropped
Since inception ( jun 07- jan 09)- 45.04% dropped ( meaning you can buy with very low price, if you think china market will recover in 3 years time)

3.) You can also choose to look at some of the Islamic funds which also have a huge drop.

Higher return always means higher risk!

So in financial planning........
1.) Protection always come first ( insurance plan, medical plan, etc)
2.) Savings for something( children, dreams) --> can choose low risk investment
3.) then you have surplus of $$$, u can choose higher risk investments. :)

mmmmmmmm... But 1 thing for sure..........Store up your treasures in Heaven. :) The only investments which guaranteed you a super high return. If you have doubt, call Him at....... Jeremiah 33:3

Year End Summary

mmmmmmmm, to summarize= it is different!

I still remember the first time i did year end summary with my engineers last year.
I still remember the first time i did the planning with them last year.
I still remember i did the mid year review with them last year.

n now... no more engineers. but just me, with my boss and bigger boss.

1 thing i learned:
To achieve something, you have to DECIDE that you want to achieve it and repeatedly doing the things you already good at.


What should i do?

mm, about refrigerator...

Background of the refrigerator:
-not there initially
- sponsor by house owner when we mentioned that we are looking for a refrigerator

In mid year 2008:
-since there's not much cooking done.....so we just leave it and not repair it.

Jan 2009:
- a new korean girl wanted to shift in February, needed a fridge.
- So i send the fridge for repair.
-repair fee, estimate to be RM500- RM550.

So the decision would be:
1.) Do i want to share the RM500-RM550 repair fees among all housemates?
The male housemate don't really need a fridge.
the male housemate only here mon-thurs night.

a.) share the fees among all housemates equally
b.) claim from house owner, even though he sponsor us the fridge
c.) only share between korean housemate and i.

2.) What should i do with the electric bill?
a.) equally divide among all housemates
b.) only divide between korean and i.

Tokun Hike

So we went for our hike in Bukit Mertajam. hehee..

Top of the hill..... transmission tower!

resting at hammock.........

Not a very tiring hike.
Took i think ~45mins up by hill road.. and continued by tar to reach the peak.

:) Upcoming March hike would be Irau.. hehee~~ Again.. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fridge man

So the fridge man came.
Checking my fridge.

the fuse burned. and when he replaced it, and turn on.. WOW! there's smoke coming out from my fridge.. oh no.. my fridge's motor is confirmed gone....

mm, hopefully my fridge will be only RM500-RM550 as said.

ah, a big ang pau for CNY... not flowing in..but given out. ehhee.

Thursday, January 15, 2009



24 Dec 2008, happily i collected my brand new Q9H.
-arhg!! button works intermittently!
-argh!! maximum audio seems to have problem and audio hole!!
RM1399 paid.....

25 Dec 2008, i decided not to use it anymore, awaiting for exchange once i got back to Penang.
26 Dec 2008, called up the distribution center, asking for replacement.
30 Dec 2008, back to Penang, returned Q9H to distribution center.

ohh... celebrating 2009.....................

waiting.....waiting...waiting...........many days have gone by.........wow wow wow...

9 Jan 2009, sent a complaint email to distribution center, asking for update. Giving them a date line of 12 Jan 2009, replacement/ RM1399 refunded.

13 Jan 2009, got the new replacement. Arhggg!! Max Audio still not working fine!!! I was frustrated. Checked with distribution center, asking them, if they have any records of phone latest software.

14 Jan 2009............... i waited for their call about update. Noon, they called, "your Q9H is ready, it is working fine after upgrading software. !"

15 Jan 2009, collected my Q9H.

A journey of 23 days altogether!

Lesson Learned:
1.) Always check the phone information, especially the manufactured date.
Apparently, my phone was manufactured at March 2008.
2.) Always check the important function that you want to use, in this case, the navigation button, bluetooth, speaker phone and also maximum audio. Always check maximum audio.
So, i found faults!
3.) Always make sure your phone is on latest software.
because, as an engineer( ahem), a lot of fixes will usually be software fixes. So if there's no option of getting a new hardware revision, always ask for a latest software revision. Phone software is usually created to be backward compatible.
4.) Always check the phone functions and make sure you report your faults to the distributor.
-Check them before paying.
-If found faults, do not accept the phone and ask for new replacement. Record the serial number.
-If found faults later at home, within 7 days, you can still ask for a new replacement.

:) Be a wise consumer.

hehe, i want to thank my darling, my cute colleague and mr white for their constant support. hehe~

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For my darling

to my darling...

mm, as i am so tired...lie on bed... i just realized i miss you.
even though....you are...
-sometimes very slow..
-sometimes not very punctual...
-sometimes not very sensitive to me..
-sometimes blur blur dunno what to do...
-sometimes last minute told me cannot join me for some activities..

mm, but i still love you... hehe..because you are..
-always considerate
-always be patient with me
-always letting me do what i love to do
-always gentle
-always trying to improve
-always accompany me for some of the activities even though you are not really into them..
-always have a very nice smile

mmm.. heheehhe~~ muaks~~
So i want to let the whole world know......

I love u.............. huggssssssss .... ehhehe~~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get organized

haha, the one and only thing i want to achieve in 2009 is to get organized...

So i kicked start with the refrigerator........

WOW..........SUCH a home- sweet- home for germs when i opened the few-months-shut refrigerator!!!! ill!!! ......

finally~~ just close my eyes and throw every stuffs inside. ( ok ok.. i have to confess i have not throw all stuffs inside since my refrigerator stop functioning a few months back. but i only keep the dried stuffs, ok!! )

hehe, so looking at the refrigerator corner of my house... i need to continue to clean up tomorrow.

1.) Separate my sis stuffs and my stuffs.
2.) Throw away unneccessary stuffs.
3.) Give away unwanted clothings.
4.) Arrange the kitchen utensils.
5.) Fix my toilet light.

mmmm..............wahseh, so much things to do!!! i need help!!!!
sob sob~~

Monday, January 12, 2009

Junk or Jewel Blog

ee, my junk or jewel blog seems to be not so active.. :(


Seems like many supporters but lack of posting....
what's the rootcause ar???
i am thinking........

May be people spend too much time thinking and not DOING.. hhaha... that's the point. :P

Monkey Beach Hike

Nice pic that Mr White took

NY steamboat

hehe, how come i look so dark beside that Mr White?

Dream Job?

looks to be a dream job....



wow, 13 days have passed by and i have yet to get the fridge repair!!!
faster faster.......

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Starting my 2009.....

wow. Quite a good start for the year.

First, i try to read the bible and pray short prayer every morning.. and put a tick on the calendar-like box that PCC prepared for us.

Secondly, i cleaned up my room a bit.

Thirdly, i stopped by my new house on 29 Dec 2008 and sleep on my newly bought sofa on 1 jan2009. :D my family moved in on 25 Dec 2008. hehee~~ So we will have Chinese New Year in our new home. yippee!!

Fourthly, i spend the New Year with my darling's family. hehee.

Fifth, i went to the GYM today. hahahaa.....! and i hike the monkey beach on 4 jan 2009.

sixth, my small room new housemate moved in on 4 Jan 2009...

and FINALLY.............
a korean girl said she wants to stay in the middle room which i about to rent out on Feb 2009.
-she cook dinner
-she love cleanliness
-she is a finance officer
-she is quite pretty
mmmm, more to find out.

I truly thank God for He really provides. :D
I was just thinking of... may be it's good that i can get a female and pretty housemate...........

and there......... I GOT ONE!!!

Let's see how is the journey of 2009 gonna be................

and yupe!!! I set up a new site.

Do check it out. :) And i am thankful for my many supporter friends..... :)