Thursday, December 04, 2008


原以为。。。 弄完白果就没事了。。。。。 但,心里的不服。。还在哪儿。。

ish! 好看不顺眼。。 那只顾把工作做完。。 不管结果到底对不对 的态度!
好气! 真的好气!!

got called to help out programming radios again, and i totally disagree!
1st, i don't really like the idea having development team reprogram production radios for shipping.
2nd, i don't like the manager who don't dare to voice up and do the RIGHT thing just because his manager give him the order..
3rd, i don't like the way he is not listening to our concerns and instruct all the engineers, to help him out.. instruct! "Hello???!!...... aren't you asking for help??? "

i tried to be patient with him at first.
1st, he made me stand there as if his servant, doing nothing..waiting for him to call me just to help him program/soldering..... hello??? i am not a technician...
2nd, when i ask him some question for thinking, he raised his voice....... hello???? can't you listen to my concern??
3rd, he keep calling to ask me do the programming for him, just because he don't have the programming tool installed in his computer.. hello????? cant you just install and get it up running???

i am loosing my mind today......... Pre-Birthday!


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