Tuesday, December 16, 2008

housemates hunt continue..

wow, after i good girl last night..read bible + pray.. tell God, God i need housemates............

today, there are 2 people come look at the room. :)
I quite like both of them actually.

Hopefully either of them will agree to move in.
Gotta continue pray.

hehe, meanwhile i am also praying should i acquire another property.. somewhere around 100K.. mmmm i remember the BJ one used to sold only at 75K!! ar, why lar i don acquire it??!
mm let's see.

hehe, gotta read about the promise to God...

"Transferring the Title Deed to God"..signed on 24 Aug 2008
I hereby grant to the Lord my God myself and all of my money and possessions and all else i Have ever thought of as mine, even my family. From this point onwards i will think of them as his to do with as he wishes. I will do my utmost to prayerfully consider how he wishes me to invest his assets to further his kingdom. In doing so, i realize i will surrender certain temporary earthly treasures and gain in exchange eternal treasures, as well as increased perspective and decreased anxiety.

hehehe... Amen.

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