Thursday, December 18, 2008

Housemate Hunts continueeeeee

Wahseh, Yesterday there were these 2 strangers called!...

"Hello... are u Ms CHong?.. you have empty room right?.."
(hearing his tone, i assume he is malay..and i thought, ee, i am looking for chinese housemate...)
"yes i am.. but who are you?"
"I am looking for a room for my sister who work in e-gate in january.."
"oh..but... errrr?" (thinking, i am renting to chinese
notice my tone of voice, he passed his phone to his friend(who also sounded like uncle).
they guy spoke to me in Mandarin.. stated that his sis looking for room.

So i assume it is him who looking for room for his sis.

After that, my darling reminded me to beware of strangers coming to see house especially due to this poor economy and terrible security of the world.

around afternoon, the malay guy called again, stated he was the one calling me in the afternoon. Saying, actually his mum is chinese and his sister wanted the room. errr...... I start to get suspicious due to the words my darling said.

Then, around 5pm+, while i was driving.. the chinese guy called up..stated to me his sister looking for room.... will be working in seagate!!!

And i replied " eee, i thought you have call this afternoon???"
....he seems to be nervous a little and replied.." oh really? sorry sorry...................."

mm, i hope he will not call me again. Eeee! Not sure what they are up to!
And after i checked, both their numbers ended with the same 4-digits!

chinese uncle: 0164123269
malay uncle: 0124853269

I am calling my friendssss to standby for me if ever they call me tonight.
But i think i just gonna reject their visit!

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