Thursday, December 18, 2008

Close Deal--Small Room Housemate!

mm, how should i say???
I just want to thank God for He is always awesome.. His timing is always perfect.

It started like this... just after i blogged the previous "suspicious" house-hunter, this Mr Hiew called. He sounded like uncle also... I was stucked on the way back from work, somewhere around Intel, it was 640pm.

"Hello.. can i come earlier to take a look at the room?"
"arrr....... i am stucked in the jam.."
"mm how about 730pm?"
"emm, should be OK."
'"ok..see you then"

mmm, my heart was.... er........ then i looked up the sky...... the sun was quite bright.

"God.... please protect me from harm and danger..." "God... can you help me to find a good housemate?" "God.. help me.."

And when i got back, i saw my housemate walking out from the house. And i thought, Oh No! He is not at home.....err!
So i put my other hope on the other housemate, hoping there will be someone there with me when the new guy come look for the room.
arr!!! His shoe is NOT there! He is not yet back!!

arrr, does it mean i gonna be home-alone with stranger!!! oh no.
And i called my friend, who wanted to come sort of be my, but he can only make it home at 845pm!!! oh no!!! and the guy is coming.......

ahhh!! my phone rang! he is downstair!!!

"God, i am trusting myself in your hand, guide me"..

and i saw him. mm, look like may be late 30s or early 40s.
so i started to talk to him... ask him where do he work, where he stay, why he look for room, etc etc....
and i was with him standing at the lift, waiting for the lift........

dang dang dang dang!!!!!!!!!!!!! my housemate(middle room) appeared! :D :D:D::DD::D:D:D:D:D
so i introduced my housemate to him. :D
and we talked in the house, show him the room, explained to him all the bla bla bla...........

**i also asked him is he married.. hehe, seems he is not. er.. will need to find out more in future perhaps.*

So he is a technical support person for plating.. from ipoh... usually travel a lot, supporting northern region.. etc etc..

So he pay me the deposit. And he want the house.

And before he go, he asked me..............

"Hey, do you know 1 guy from Sg Ara?"
"arr? why?.."
"because, you see.. this sms........... i was suppose to take a look at his house but the room is occupied. And he sms me your number asking me to call you"
WOW..... someone actually helped me.

mmmm......... So here's the end of my SMALL room- room mate hunting.
Future performance, i would have to see.

But 1 thing for sure..... God's timing is AWESOME>! Always.


ruiqing said...

Good for now u dun have to worry bout moving out then??

navy1048 said...

another one up coming..moving out coming feb................ i think may be i just get married and move into hubby house la easier.. hahahaa.......