Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Day of 2008

I guess as we grow older, we don't really feel like celebrating New Year!

28 now, next year..29... then........ 30!
wahseh! Will i have a naughty Russel by then? hahaa...

2008 been quite a "busy" year for me where i found myself..
adapting to housing loan payment...
adapting to "sucking" of $$$ from housing reno...
adapting to manage a group of engineers..
travelled with big bosses to sri lanka..
career change..
first on-site alone to bangkok..
adapting to a new relationship...

mmm, end up, they are so different compared to the goals i set! except the BIG LOVE i ve drawn. ahhaa~

So what about 2009??

1 thing i want to achieve is ORDERLINESS. To get organized. hopefully start with career goals, in managing finance, in my household. :)

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