Monday, April 13, 2009


simply impatient today!!

I just don't like it when ppl likes to depend on me..
i don't like to coach ppl to do things. :(
I really have no patience coaching ppl, of whom, the conversation goes like this...

"hey.. can u help me on the registration for marathon?"

me.." ok.."

" how ar.. where to click?"

me.." errr.. u go to the link, click register, then follow the step"

" can i pay for maybank2u? or only credit card?"

me." either way will do."

" how ar.. where to click?"

me .. (walow! how should i remember where lar!!! explore urself, ish!! ) " emmm, if not remember wrongly, it is the left side button"

" (no response)"

me.."how is it? is it OK?"

" let me do it first, i will ask for help if i have any concern"

me..(apalarrrr... ) zzzzzzz

haaahhha, i think i am simply being impatient!

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