Friday, April 17, 2009

wahsey.. "yau mai fan"

wow, and for lunch, darling made this for me!!
Yau Mai Fan... 油么饭??

hehe, snapping a photo with him..

wahseh.. add the chili with soy sauce.. perfect for lunch!

Closed up in the Rice cooker..

In the rice cooker..

mm, instruction?? I suspect it goes like this...

1.) Chinese Sausages ( Lap Cheong ) sliced into pieces..
2.) Mushroom.. sliced
3.) salted fish a bit ( too much will be too salty!)
4.) garlic
5.) Rice ( not yet cook one)
6.) Spring Onion
7.) Chicken marinated a night before ( best)
8.) thick black soy sauce

then it should goes like this... haha.. i am not around to see him make this.. so this is just my guess..

1.) fried the garlic....
2.) put in salted fish, fried until got smell
3.) add in chicken, mushroom, chicken... fried..
4.) add in rice(not yet cook one)... fried... add in thick soy sauce to make the rice look darker.. stir til even..
5.) put inside rice cooker.. add in water ( just like u cook rice).. and put to cook
6.) u can start to chop ur chili.. then add in soy sauce.. and also chop the spring onion...
7.) Ta da!!!!!!! Rice cooker... "ting"... Ready...... :D

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