Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Running Watches

I did my first attempt to ask about running watches in Penang Qbay.
Sadly, there's only Polar available in the sport shop.
Ar! and somemore an old uncle talked to me, and looking at his quite heavy breathe and sweat, err.. i am a bit reluctant to find out more...

ha, yupe, i totally agreed with outlook actually affects sales.
U sell a running watch, u gotta look like a runner! :P

Found out more about this Garmin Forerunner 305 from this webpage.
And about the program to keep track,http://www.zonefivesoftware.com/SportTracks/
I did find a few freeware as well.. ah! too bad my Q9H does not support GPS. :((((

mmm.. RM1K for 1 watch, should i get it? ahhaa....
May be let me earn this extra 1k then i ll get it in KL coming June 28? >;-)

heheehe~ Great idea! go go go!...

Oh ya, did i mentioned i talked to the Malaysian-book-of record- ULTRAMAN -->KANNAN MUGUGASAN--in malaysia??? :D He did 2.5 * IRONMAN... wow! Amazing!

He said you can contact him at fiscuz@yahoo.com if you ever had any questions about marathon etc etc.. He is a personal trainer as well. Speaking to him for 30mins, i think he knows a lot!. and, yupe, he DID it as well... Great!

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