Sunday, April 05, 2009

i like to think

i think i am someone who like to think quite a lot.
and lately, i learned something about doing, and keep doing.
And as i move along doing it, i feel more and more alive.

it does not feel good at all knowing that not a lot of people like me in some place.
it does not feel good either having somebody disappoint me.
it does not feel good facing rejection.

and i remember the "anyway" rules i posted some time ago.
Be succeed anyway! :)

Having the thoughts of how should i spend if i really earning $120K monthly.
The first thing that surprise me is, i used to think that's not possible, but now, i think there might be chances that i could have that capability. It overwhelmed me. Regarding on how should i spend the $$, I think i need to ask Him.

I still remember my prayer 3years ago, "God, no matter what happen to me, one day, i might leave you, but please, Don't ever let me go, Hold me back."

I need to always remind myself of that. The request i asked from Him. mmmmmm...

yupe, i like to think.

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