Wednesday, April 01, 2009


mmm, i guess the reason i start running was due to the marathon.. and kor encouraged me to just continue running.

Today, just as i shared with kor about my 7km run and how i want to improve my running time of 21km from 3 hours to 2 hours 45mins, kor told me, " the only thing is train 21km non stop running."

wow! this idea never crossed my mind at all.. til the recent articles about running 10miles from runners world. And here my kor, asked me.. to run 21km non stop!.

Suddenly, my today first 7km just seems to be only 1/3 of it, and become very small.
ha! good thing is i did it in 45mins. haahhaa...... Kor said time is not important... the important point is keep running. Just keep running... even though slow, but just keep running.

mmm... that's a very good advise to keep me running, just putting 1 feet in front of another.. ha! 1 thing, i finally decided to run with my Motorola Q9H loaded with songs... ehhehehe~ forget bout ipod. :P

:D yeah.. next, 10km, i am coming~~~

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