Wednesday, April 29, 2009

some thoughts

I suddenly found out the reason of why am i often get pissed off with people.... from the book.. "Don't sweat the small stuff at Work" by Richard Carlson.

So i would like to note down some of the extracted paragraphs from Chapter 2-become less controlling..

When i talk about being "controlling", I am referring to unhealthy attempts to manipulate the behavior of others, having the need to control your environment, insisting on having things be "just so" in order to feel secure, and becoming immobilized, defensive or anxious when other people don't behave to your specifications-- the way you think they should be. To be controlling means you are preoccupied with the actions of others and how those actions affect you.

What hurts the controlling person is what goes on inside--his feelings and emotions. The key element seems to be a lack of willingness to allow other people to fully be themselves, to give them space to be who they are, and to respect--- really respect--the fact that people think differently. Deep down, a controlling person doesn't what other people to be themselves, but rather the image of who they want them to be. But people aren't an image of who we want them to be-- they are who they are. So , if you are tied to an imagined image, you are going to feel frustrated and impotent a great deal of the time. A controlling person assumes that he knows what's best, and by golly, he's going to make other people see the folly of their ways. Within the need to control, there's an inherent lack of respect for the opinions and ways of others.

When you can make allowances in your mind for the fact that other people see life differently than you do, you will experience far less internal struggle. In addition, as you become less controlling, you will be a lot easier to be around. You can probably guess that most people don't like to be controlled. It's a turnoff. It creates resentment and adversarial relationships. As you let go of your need to be so controlling, people will be more inclined to help you; they will want to see you succeed. When people feel accepted for who they are rather than judged for who you think they should be, they will admire and respect you like never before.

Wow, the highlighted part really speak right straight to me!!!!!!!!
I think i must admit sometimes i feel this way especially to a lot of talkers! Ha!May be i already assume they are talkers.. prejudice!!

Mm, i need to improve in this area...

So i want to thank this book to help me to be self-aware. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

A FULL for the Bridge Marathon

ok! Inspired by my squash friend who finished his first Full marathon without training for 7hours, i have decided to sign up for a FULL marathon this coming year end Penang Bridge 2009!!! :D

My target is 6hours.
Yeah! go go go!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So he did 1:50 for 21km......
and she... 2:20......


"u gotta train more on up hill, ok?"
"be more consistent, 2-3times a week on short distance(7km) rather than 1 week once on 21km"

"yes boss.."

counting down for KL half............ can i break the 3hours barrier?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Add a Gadget vs Add a page element

ah! i been previously confused over the "add a page element" which i could not locate in my blog!!!.. i am having trouble to paste the HTML code (given that i am a programming idiot)... i have attempted many days and failed..............

until today~~~

FInally i saw some light from this website!

hahaha! Now only i realized...
"add a gadget" is the latest one and i must be blind to miss out the "HTML/Script" tab!!!

Yeah! I am able to add many widgets beside my blog.. hehee !

Counting Down....

Yeah, Finally... got the Air Asia Promotion to London.. RM499....... :D

yeah! So booked the flight...
July 31 to Aug 18, 2009.

Yippeeee!! LOndon, I am coming.................

Checking out the marathon schedule.. mmm, may be i should enroll in one of the half perhaps?
let's see...

Counting down.........

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Indecisiveness pissed me off...

sri lanka trip...
business plan....
travel trip....

zzzzzzz! simply pissed me off!

income tax filing....... argh! %#$##$ where are all my sport receipts??? haiz!!!

pissed pissed!!!....

May be i should get a Garmin 405CX... for self encouraged purpose.. haha.USD369.99.

I Love the Forerunner's Virtual Partner®..!! so cool..

What's in the Box:

* Forerunner 405CX
* USB ANT stick™
* Heart rate monitor
* Two additional wrist straps
* AC charger
* Charging clip
* Owner's manual on disk
* Quick reference guide

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A good reminder

mm, i was not really in a good mood today.
Pressure preparing for SLN trip...
Passing of jobs from a colleague...
Irritating comments from friends.. zzz!
Being force to like something even though i don...
Seeing people making progress in many things...

Ah, i wonder, am i stagnant?.. I felt bad..... Should/Should i not... What if... What would it be... imagine... etc etc... many things go through my mind...

And i came across this from daily bread.. mm, it reminded me something.. :) Great~

While visiting a US Civil War battlefield in Virginia, I was struck by a story about an army unit that arrived too late for a major battle. The troops had stopped to loot a camp abandoned by their enemy. By taking what they felt they needed, they could not accomplish their mission.

That seems to describe the failure of the prophet Elisha’s servant Gehazi, who sought money and clothing from Naaman, a Syrian military commander (2 Kings 5:20-25). Elisha told Naaman how to be cured of his leprosy, but he refused any gift or payment from him (v.16). Gehazi, however, decided to get something for himself (v.20). In a stinging rebuke, Elisha said to Gehazi: “Is it time to receive money and to receive clothing . . . ? Therefore the leprosy of Naaman shall cling to you and your descendants forever” (vv.26-27).

The desire for personal gain can be a snare in our service for the Lord. It may be the subtle lure of recognition or the fatal attraction of financial reward. Any motive that changes our focus from giving to God to getting from Him poses a real spiritual danger.

Greed makes us believe that we deserve what we desire. That leads us down the wrong road. May God give us the wisdom to avoid the sin of Gehazi. — David C. McCasland

God’s riches fill up our supply,
Whatever we may need,
So we can then be generous,
And not controlled by greed. —Sper

Live to give.

Monday, April 20, 2009

wow..something amazed me..

wow.. when i see a record of 2 hours for a full marathon.. i thought i was wrong....

until i see the qualifyiing time to be eligible for this marathon registration..

Further more, i surveyed on the half marathon results.....................
see the results for half marathon runners..WOW!

haha, i guess, pretty convincing now that they finish their full marathon in 2 hours!


10km run..

the group.. lack of 3 person.. hahaha

leng lui

i got a medal!

first ever self-made sushi..


ehhe.. ta da.....

miso soup..(just pour out from packet and add hot water only..) haha taste exactly the same as shop lor!! :P ( RM11.90 for 10packets)

wait.....!! apa ni

#%#%#$#$%..after failure attempt for Cawanmushi(ego tercabar...zzz), which suppose to be the easiest dish...........i went to search in youtube.. hehee.. Oh, apa lar, add same amount water as the eggs ok.. wasted my 3 eggs here!!!

2nd attempt..with only 1 egg...!

hehhee.. overall happy meal by me...~ completed with green tea, wasabi+soy sauce...

Friday, April 17, 2009

wahsey.. "yau mai fan"

wow, and for lunch, darling made this for me!!
Yau Mai Fan... 油么饭??

hehe, snapping a photo with him..

wahseh.. add the chili with soy sauce.. perfect for lunch!

Closed up in the Rice cooker..

In the rice cooker..

mm, instruction?? I suspect it goes like this...

1.) Chinese Sausages ( Lap Cheong ) sliced into pieces..
2.) Mushroom.. sliced
3.) salted fish a bit ( too much will be too salty!)
4.) garlic
5.) Rice ( not yet cook one)
6.) Spring Onion
7.) Chicken marinated a night before ( best)
8.) thick black soy sauce

then it should goes like this... haha.. i am not around to see him make this.. so this is just my guess..

1.) fried the garlic....
2.) put in salted fish, fried until got smell
3.) add in chicken, mushroom, chicken... fried..
4.) add in rice(not yet cook one)... fried... add in thick soy sauce to make the rice look darker.. stir til even..
5.) put inside rice cooker.. add in water ( just like u cook rice).. and put to cook
6.) u can start to chop ur chili.. then add in soy sauce.. and also chop the spring onion...
7.) Ta da!!!!!!! Rice cooker... "ting"... Ready...... :D

Saturday Breakfast

ehehee.. what a lovely saturday morning hor... :P
Made this for my darling.. hehee

Salmon Cooking

So, i cook salmon for my housemate yesterday.. cause she used to cook korean food for me ma.. hehee

ISh!! Lucky got 1 piece look whole!!!!

ta da!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love her blog!
So just to share.. :D

Nice Food, a healthy girl! Love her blog... ! Enjoy..

Weekly milleage

oh.. can't believe my friend just did her 60KM altogether run last week!

i am telling myself, within 1 week, i need to run 20km.
Tomorrow, hopefully no rain and i could complete my 10K run.
Coming Sunday, the penang earth day run, 10km. Yeah~ then i can achieve the 20KM this week, Oh no! Is coming sunday counted as next week???

Not bad at least i went to aerobic class just now. hehehe~
I want a FLAT stomach!

Running Watches

I did my first attempt to ask about running watches in Penang Qbay.
Sadly, there's only Polar available in the sport shop.
Ar! and somemore an old uncle talked to me, and looking at his quite heavy breathe and sweat, err.. i am a bit reluctant to find out more...

ha, yupe, i totally agreed with outlook actually affects sales.
U sell a running watch, u gotta look like a runner! :P
Found out more about this Garmin Forerunner 305 from this webpage.
And about the program to keep track,
I did find a few freeware as well.. ah! too bad my Q9H does not support GPS. :((((

mmm.. RM1K for 1 watch, should i get it? ahhaa....
May be let me earn this extra 1k then i ll get it in KL coming June 28? >;-)

heheehe~ Great idea! go go go!...

Oh ya, did i mentioned i talked to the Malaysian-book-of record- ULTRAMAN -->KANNAN MUGUGASAN--in malaysia??? :D He did 2.5 * IRONMAN... wow! Amazing!

He said you can contact him at if you ever had any questions about marathon etc etc.. He is a personal trainer as well. Speaking to him for 30mins, i think he knows a lot!. and, yupe, he DID it as well... Great!

KL Marathon REgistration in Qbay

ha! Ran into them when i were shopping in Qbay last weekend...

coloured my hair

before got my hair coloured.....

after.... RM175... zz

then i made a bit "luan luan"

arh! notice my face how come so rough arr!! tonite must put mask liao.

moon birthday but we get presents

Moon's birthday and she baked us these!! walow......... so special! muaks

Monday, April 13, 2009


simply impatient today!!

I just don't like it when ppl likes to depend on me..
i don't like to coach ppl to do things. :(
I really have no patience coaching ppl, of whom, the conversation goes like this...

"hey.. can u help me on the registration for marathon?"

me.." ok.."

" how ar.. where to click?"

me.." errr.. u go to the link, click register, then follow the step"

" can i pay for maybank2u? or only credit card?"

me." either way will do."

" how ar.. where to click?"

me .. (walow! how should i remember where lar!!! explore urself, ish!! ) " emmm, if not remember wrongly, it is the left side button"

" (no response)"

me.."how is it? is it OK?"

" let me do it first, i will ask for help if i have any concern"

me..(apalarrrr... ) zzzzzzz

haaahhha, i think i am simply being impatient!

weight !

we women are so anxious about our weight.
ah! i just managed to reduce my weight to 53KG by running...

now 1 week business trip.............
+ morning nasi lemak..
+ no time running..
+ late dinner.....

i am back to 54 again. :(

and there my darling said.. now it's ok ar.. face is better.
:( adui. i think sometimes man just don understand, women always aimed for perfection. :P hahaha~

but honestly, 50KG is still the best for me. Not too skinny, not too meaty.
Tuhan tuhan..boleh kah anda tolong saya??

Hope wednesday no rain, then can go running 10km. Yippee!
Running Watch.. may be it's just hot for a second stuffs to get. NOt so worth i guess. yupe, i am giving up on running watch. :) Unless lar, i really have extra $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ next time. hehehe~

Weight Weight....
Run Run......

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Australia WHM

ar! again!!!

sometimes i wonder, how come lar i am not so daring to just leave everything and go ar??
with the added housing installment.... interesting careerss....

I am further and further from this!..
Or i think i reach an age of i can go there holiday 1 month on my own?



ar. lately i been under pressure, a lot of ppl keep asking me...
so when r u getting married lar?
when r u going to have kids lar..
u r reaching 30years old...
30years old already old and not easy to go through pregnancy lar..etc etc..
ur bf so big liao..etc etc........

I guess i just don like this!!!
apa lar... marriage marriage.....
babies babies....
cute is cute lar..but........... zzzzzz......
if i play til sien liao le? where should i put them lar? zzzz


Working on site..

hahaa.. some ppl snap my pic on site...haha, cool ar? :P

Sunday, April 05, 2009

i like to think

i think i am someone who like to think quite a lot.
and lately, i learned something about doing, and keep doing.
And as i move along doing it, i feel more and more alive.

it does not feel good at all knowing that not a lot of people like me in some place.
it does not feel good either having somebody disappoint me.
it does not feel good facing rejection.

and i remember the "anyway" rules i posted some time ago.
Be succeed anyway! :)

Having the thoughts of how should i spend if i really earning $120K monthly.
The first thing that surprise me is, i used to think that's not possible, but now, i think there might be chances that i could have that capability. It overwhelmed me. Regarding on how should i spend the $$, I think i need to ask Him.

I still remember my prayer 3years ago, "God, no matter what happen to me, one day, i might leave you, but please, Don't ever let me go, Hold me back."

I need to always remind myself of that. The request i asked from Him. mmmmmm...

yupe, i like to think.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cute puppy

hahaha, first one is our ah bee!!!

CNY home cook food...

Moto Q picture

mm, i am starting to love my Moto Q9H.. ehhee...
I always prefer phone with keypad.. :D very cool~

New house

ok! finally i sync my Q9H to my computer and downloaded all the photos..capture since CNY.. hehe~

and here are pictures of my new house..of course that time pre-chinese new year,not really clean up ... hehee