Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bidor Marathon

hehe, so i convinced my darling to register for this. April 26. 10km only. :D
Just wanted to participate in some marathons and get some medals.
And just to have some motivation to practice running.

ha! 10km. Hopefully can finish within 1 hour 45 min( the qualifying time).
I think if not accident, should be able to finish around 1 hour 15min.
The half marathon is 21km and qualifying time= 2 hours 45mins!! 1 more hour given to run 11km????????

I definitely think i would not qualify for half if i run. :P
my Penang bridge 2007- 21km speed were 3 hours for 21km!
and 25km- 3 hours 20mins.

hahahaha!! So smart right.....signed up for 10km. :P within my own capability.
Hope my darling pick up running too! Then he can maintain fit and healthy! yippee!

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bidor said...

Yes you are right!! Our Bidor runners sports and recreation club, perak . main a main aim in organising this running event with special consideration for the new and young runners is to motivate them to take running the easy way .

lets them get the 1st try, onr try kali kali mahu!!! Ha Ha ha

Lets them get the feel of success in finished the run within the specified time and awarded with a nice medal. the feeling of joy of accomplishment .