Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things i hate about girls

something pissed me off lately..and i guess let me write down a bit about things i hate about girls.. hahaa, it's not that i hate girls, but something which we ourselves girls can also sense easily something irritates us from the same species..

I hate it when...
1.) a girl committed herself 100% ONLY to her man. walow!!
When they don have a man, they are a perfectly sweet girl... and when there's a man there...
they forgot about females.. in their everything.
Don't they have other friends to care for also?
Don't they have other hobbies to pursue also?
Don't they have their own stand?
arh! i simply look down at this !!!

2.) a girl still living in a wonderland
come on! this is reality world ok??
wake up and face it.
obstacles come, you face it and you deal with it.
Don't pretend it is not there and live a fairy tale life!.. ar, i can't stand seeing people like that too.
haha, weird is i used to have a male friend asking me to learn about the world and be matured.
Ar, for this, i gotta learn more.

3.) a girl who doesn't have backbone
they can't decide
they can't plan for their own.
they depends
...................... aren't you fine when you were all alone?

4.) a girl who mumble too much!!!!!!!!!!!
ar! can't you give the world a bit of peace????
ha, well i guess for this not only girls, i hate people who talks a lot and no action....
who love to commend about all things...and can't do it.

ahaha, 4 will do i guess. :P the more i write, i can't predict what will happen next.. :P


Star said...

wow, who 'kek' you huh?? :D cool down cool down!!!

Star is back... mahu go drink n talk arr??? wait till i m fully recovered ya..

Jenn said...

eh.... i also want to go drink & talk!!! :(

chill girl... each of us just behave differently when we are involved in new relationship... I have to admit.. I used to be one of them that u've just describe! hahaha... :s
but over time...she'll let loose and grow up a bit lo...