Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting second hand car?


found this site. Perhaps it's good to survey some of the cars inside and decide.
Sometimes, i think it's not so worth getting a brand new car and having the trouble worrying where you park your car, whether you lock your car, etc.

And i just notice that my wira 1997.. worth less than RM10k! haahhahaha!! aiks! my poor handsome wira...

So let me pray about a new car and see.

(reminded me of the CG last night.. not your will..but my will be done. :P ) hahahahaha

1 comment:

Jazarel said...

ya second hand car will do just as well... since u've been using your 'ol wira for X years, a second hand car which is X-n years should do quite well :) another good site to check out second hand cars is at www.motortrader.com.my you can post to sell your 'ol wira there too :)