Wednesday, March 11, 2009

streamyx line is slow!

ar.. i notice the line is getting slower and slower.

mm, and i notice i have not been blogging for sometime.

last week , i was in india.
I have always got excited about trip.
We learned a lot through out trip.

but for this india trip, it was rather just a short experience for me i guess.
A trip where i do not have so much burden.
A trip where i do not require to carry heavy equipment here and there.
A trip where i can just observed and learned instead of making decision.

and then, i went to hike Irau.. hehehe.. 7-8march. can't believe i can just stop by KL airport and then cancel my KL-Pg flight, go hiking instead of coming back. hahahah!

and finished the book " five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom. Bought with RS195 at india. ( 100RS= MYR 8.20) So it was cheap right??

But those were rather nice experience! What a great beginning for March. ;)

What next for me?
I am still considering...
6-9June--> Gunung Tahan! (3rd one for me if i go)
18-21june--> Diving At Lang tengah ( i think need around 1k), following a bunch of my friends, housemate and darling for their OWD course..

and the Bali trip in coming sept.
Surfing+ Diving+hiking Mt Agung! yipppeeee..

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