Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TQ Star

heeh, this one is a blog about appreciation to Star...

I remember star is someone..
whom always help me when i needed her..
whom can accomodate my weaknesses..
who can understand my eye signal.
who can feel what i wanted to say.
who can always make me feel supported when i organize activities.

mm, about the CG planning, it was a bit frustrated for me because of the ever-can't-meet standard.... because of the many feedbacks and negative advises( i understand it just mean for us to prepare ourselves well..).. but somehow those comments just leave me feeling... overwhelmed!! yupe!! overwhelmed!!

somehow, this star supported me by filling in for my weaknesses, such as preparing excel sheet, writing down the ideas, etc.
it made me recall last time when we were together and she wrote down all my business ideas for me. eheheh~~

somehow, i feel.. i just want to thank her....
tq STAR.. muaks!
tq for your support and make me a better person. muaksss!!

1 comment:

Star said...

Muaks to you my dear..

it's been some time i didn't visit your blog and was shocked when seeing this blog that specially dedicated to me. It moves me to tears... I love you my dear..

thank you for everything... since the day i've known you, life fill with 'sun'... every bit and piece of sharing and every moment of having fun... I've never wanted to forget..

ehem..a bit sentimental here liao.. really thank you for your appreciation...

we support each other and grow together mah....