Wednesday, March 11, 2009

managing my weight

wow. A stunning 54KG-55kg!

what an achievement:P

So i am telling myself to cut down to 52KG by end of this month.

Went to check out of some slimming tea, detox package, meal-replacement stuffs.... and.. haahha! what he said is right...

" you spend RM79.90 for 6 bottles of prune juice and that's 1 week comsumption? Why not just get 80 prunes for Rm1 each and you can eat til crazy lorr!! "

hahahaha!! yeah yeah!!! i think if i eat 80pcs of prunes, just prunes, i will definitely slim down. :P

So at the end, i got myself
1.) Washington Apples x8 RM11.90
2.) Dragon Fruits x3 RM10.77
3.) Rooibos tea-antioxidant. RM38 for 40sachets

Altogether= RM60.65.
Healthier and worthier right? :P

So let's see if i able to achieve 52KG by end March. !

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