Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Penang Earth Day Run 2009

I think i must have become a "magnet" for Marathon.
I found out more and more races.. :D

hehehe~ Let's go for this?

Nike Outfit

ha! got myself some nike running outfits.

Running singlet x 2
Running shorts x1
stocking x2

altogether i think around RM265.
discount price. em, i would say... not very cheap, but cheaper than usual price. :P

I was looking at some running watch last night. mm, let's see.

Bidor Marathon

hehe, so i convinced my darling to register for this. April 26. 10km only. :D
Just wanted to participate in some marathons and get some medals.
And just to have some motivation to practice running.

ha! 10km. Hopefully can finish within 1 hour 45 min( the qualifying time).
I think if not accident, should be able to finish around 1 hour 15min.
The half marathon is 21km and qualifying time= 2 hours 45mins!! 1 more hour given to run 11km????????

I definitely think i would not qualify for half if i run. :P
my Penang bridge 2007- 21km speed were 3 hours for 21km!
and 25km- 3 hours 20mins.

hahahaha!! So smart right.....signed up for 10km. :P within my own capability.
Hope my darling pick up running too! Then he can maintain fit and healthy! yippee!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TQ Star

heeh, this one is a blog about appreciation to Star...

I remember star is someone..
whom always help me when i needed her..
whom can accomodate my weaknesses..
who can understand my eye signal.
who can feel what i wanted to say.
who can always make me feel supported when i organize activities.

mm, about the CG planning, it was a bit frustrated for me because of the ever-can't-meet standard.... because of the many feedbacks and negative advises( i understand it just mean for us to prepare ourselves well..).. but somehow those comments just leave me feeling... overwhelmed!! yupe!! overwhelmed!!

somehow, this star supported me by filling in for my weaknesses, such as preparing excel sheet, writing down the ideas, etc.
it made me recall last time when we were together and she wrote down all my business ideas for me. eheheh~~

somehow, i feel.. i just want to thank her....
tq STAR.. muaks!
tq for your support and make me a better person. muaksss!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hehee.. ok la! i am coming for this!!


Getting second hand car?

found this site. Perhaps it's good to survey some of the cars inside and decide.
Sometimes, i think it's not so worth getting a brand new car and having the trouble worrying where you park your car, whether you lock your car, etc.

And i just notice that my wira 1997.. worth less than RM10k! haahhahaha!! aiks! my poor handsome wira...

So let me pray about a new car and see.

(reminded me of the CG last night.. not your will..but my will be done. :P ) hahahahaha


Changing job seems interesting in the beginning...
Stepping into a new relationship seems to be interesting in the beginning..
Buying a new house seems to be interesting and very "eventful" in the beginning.........

however..when things start to settle...........

disagreement came.
Argument came.
Expectation came.
Followed by disappointment, hurt and sorrow.

I had some disagreement with boss sometimes.
I am starting to think what else i need to do at work.
I am starting to think, what is next????

I can't stand stagnant.
I can't stand life without a goal to achieve.

Therefore.............KL half marathon....... i am coming.
Tahan, do you want me to visit you again?
Lang Tengah, how about you?
Bali, are you really that great??

Unknown oceans, waiting to explore.......
Unknown futures, waiting to be discover.....
Unknown, i simply love the unknown.

Sometimes, knowing little is good.



i just wonder.......
What can i do?
Where can i help?
Where can i show my value?

and often, i am not sure.

sometimes, some emotional thing just hit me and i ll cry.
sometimes, i am just not sure.

sometimes.......well, sometimes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Leng Lui

Met this leng lui during our hike..
hahaha.. and my friend said she look like model...

So the picture becomes..2 aunties trying to snap a pic with the 13-years old kid! hahaha


hehe. Nice lei

Thursday, March 12, 2009

cheng see's wedding

lost our way when going to tropicana...
ha! and someone is with a GPS receiver now!

Irau again

Cannot believe myself! First hike, i took about 200+ photos.........
2nd hike, i took around 20 photos... hahahaha!

seafood feast

nintendo..when a lot of ppl play only nice!!... darling sewing my hiking pants for me! so touched..
he said it's very easy to box lar..
bacon.. for korean food.. dunno what is it call liao...
ingredient for korean food
all rampas the korean food!
saw big rainbow outside house
walow! somebody mau burn my house!...
whole house smoky
finally~~ butter crab..!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

managing my weight

wow. A stunning 54KG-55kg!

what an achievement:P

So i am telling myself to cut down to 52KG by end of this month.

Went to check out of some slimming tea, detox package, meal-replacement stuffs.... and.. haahha! what he said is right...

" you spend RM79.90 for 6 bottles of prune juice and that's 1 week comsumption? Why not just get 80 prunes for Rm1 each and you can eat til crazy lorr!! "

hahahaha!! yeah yeah!!! i think if i eat 80pcs of prunes, just prunes, i will definitely slim down. :P

So at the end, i got myself
1.) Washington Apples x8 RM11.90
2.) Dragon Fruits x3 RM10.77
3.) Rooibos tea-antioxidant. RM38 for 40sachets

Altogether= RM60.65.
Healthier and worthier right? :P

So let's see if i able to achieve 52KG by end March. !

streamyx line is slow!

ar.. i notice the line is getting slower and slower.

mm, and i notice i have not been blogging for sometime.

last week , i was in india.
I have always got excited about trip.
We learned a lot through out trip.

but for this india trip, it was rather just a short experience for me i guess.
A trip where i do not have so much burden.
A trip where i do not require to carry heavy equipment here and there.
A trip where i can just observed and learned instead of making decision.

and then, i went to hike Irau.. hehehe.. 7-8march. can't believe i can just stop by KL airport and then cancel my KL-Pg flight, go hiking instead of coming back. hahahah!

and finished the book " five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom. Bought with RS195 at india. ( 100RS= MYR 8.20) So it was cheap right??

But those were rather nice experience! What a great beginning for March. ;)

What next for me?
I am still considering...
6-9June--> Gunung Tahan! (3rd one for me if i go)
18-21june--> Diving At Lang tengah ( i think need around 1k), following a bunch of my friends, housemate and darling for their OWD course..

and the Bali trip in coming sept.
Surfing+ Diving+hiking Mt Agung! yipppeeee..

Things i hate about girls

something pissed me off lately..and i guess let me write down a bit about things i hate about girls.. hahaa, it's not that i hate girls, but something which we ourselves girls can also sense easily something irritates us from the same species..

I hate it when...
1.) a girl committed herself 100% ONLY to her man. walow!!
When they don have a man, they are a perfectly sweet girl... and when there's a man there...
they forgot about females.. in their everything.
Don't they have other friends to care for also?
Don't they have other hobbies to pursue also?
Don't they have their own stand?
arh! i simply look down at this !!!

2.) a girl still living in a wonderland
come on! this is reality world ok??
wake up and face it.
obstacles come, you face it and you deal with it.
Don't pretend it is not there and live a fairy tale life!.. ar, i can't stand seeing people like that too.
haha, weird is i used to have a male friend asking me to learn about the world and be matured.
Ar, for this, i gotta learn more.

3.) a girl who doesn't have backbone
they can't decide
they can't plan for their own.
they depends
...................... aren't you fine when you were all alone?

4.) a girl who mumble too much!!!!!!!!!!!
ar! can't you give the world a bit of peace????
ha, well i guess for this not only girls, i hate people who talks a lot and no action....
who love to commend about all things...and can't do it.

ahaha, 4 will do i guess. :P the more i write, i can't predict what will happen next.. :P