Tuesday, May 05, 2009

ar.. lost!

when i was swimming by the sea the other day during MGC outing..
i lost one side of my ear ring!! :(

and good thing my darling got 2 new pairs for me!! hehehe~~

today as i worked out at the Hilton's Gym here in Colombo.......... arrhh!! I lost the whole pair of ear ring he bought!!

err.. i quickly called my colleague, searching through the way back to gym.. :( sadly, i could not locate it!! sob!! So i lost my green ear ring.. Sorry!! sorry!!!

but i remember he said."nevermind lar, buy a new one..so cheap" hahaha~~ so i gonna claimed a new pair when i got back.... coz, at least i try to search for it..!! :D

1 comment:

Star said...

hahhaa... the "BC" mode is ON to comfort you huh? anyway, so sweet of him.." Buy a new one.." sayang you lo...

"darling darling...." ..hehhe