Thursday, May 14, 2009

the story of LIFTING...

mmm, so i went lifting today..........

hahahahaha.........what?! nah....... Not lifting weights... just some spirit lifting.. :P

Always when someone is down, you be there listen and encourage.. ( i sometimes suspect i am a bit blunt and direct, but sometimes, i am quite creative in comforting ppl too! ) hahaa

And remember to give thanks.......appreciate.... tell from your experiences.....

Give them a real matter how reluctant you are.. how SMART you are.. (always think we r the smarter one right..haha)... Just make sure you DON"T PRETEND!, Give them your REAL heart.... ppl sense that!

mm.. So 2 stories today:
1.) Soon-to-be-diver-though-failed-this-moment
ok, so she failed her diving license. she is sad, she cried.
I shared to her my diving experiences.
I told her about learning step by step.

I told her about we need to refine our skills as we dive more and more.. it's a PROCESS. Not a 1-day thing. Even til today, i logged 26dives.. (err, not a lot i know), i still got sick many times.. i still feel cold and scratch my leg when lose balance and hit the corals... i still failed to have neutral buoyancy sometimes... So what?? I can only IMPROVE..with my TIMING. ...

32years staying on LAND and with JUST 4DAYS(not even FULL 4days) under water and you can't get used to it.. you feeling bad?? COME ON!!!!......

mmm.. :D show her video on Team Hyot.
you CAN! go go go!

2.) big-encouragement from STAR.
hehe, star encouraged me with my presentation slides i did for her about her policies..
haha, that gives me a real big encouragement.. hehe, i must continue to do my best... yeah..go go go girl! :D

aiseh.. story of lifting ended....

n my darling unlift me! aiseh! BLEK!!!!!! nvm............ go go go!!! hahaaha

1 comment:

Star said...

You really do a great job in the presentation!!! so i just says our my thought and you deserve such a compliment of your effort.:D

Guess how many people willing to spend time to do it? they only simply use the paper to write and draw... so you've my respect with NO question!! Like you said, a REAL heart that you've shown.

Please give yourself a big applause as you really did a great job!! Again, not only me who has impressed of your slides.