Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sri Lanka Trip 3

So i went to Sri Lanka early May.. my third trip!... First trip i took dunno how many hundreds photos!
2nd trip also almost hitting few hundreds!!

3rd trip... err, can't believe, i only took with my camera phone.. and it's around 10photos. :P haahha!

I must be bored already.... I want to go New places lei..such as Korea, NZ, China..

1.) View from Hotel.... lucky my friend got upgraded to executive floor..can enjoy the executive free bar... hehee

2.) Me as executive... :P

3.) absolutely Free!!! Somemore they heat up for u, ok! :P

4.) NIce christmas tree- look-a-like in the hotel.... they are all tea potss..

5.) Jap sashimi i ate... errr.. just dunno Y they charged salmon so expensive!!! Almost RP2000. ( RM1 ~ RP 18) imagine! not cheap ho! ..

:D that's all..Sri Lanka Trip No 3!

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