Friday, May 01, 2009

His needs..

mm, so on the way back to ipoh.. i talked to my darling.

"Question.. what are the 5 things that i have which make u think that i am suitable for you?"

1. Spiritual Maturity.. Not perfected yet but there are some. :E
2. Can relate to my family.. ( ha! that's my strength ok.. :P )
3. common interests.. as in sports, do things together...etc..( i will take that as Recreational partnership)
4. Can take care of family, children.. can cook, can clean up sometimes.. ( ha! clean up... haha... well, anyway, acceptable to him.. :o )
5. matured in handling finances.

"Question.. what are the 5 things that you want to see in your life partner.. as in i am not suppose to be taken for example.. and you have to think yourself.. generally."

1. Spiritual Maturity. I think this is the most important one.
2. Physical appearance... ( hahaha! men will always be men )
3. common interests..
4. domestic support
5. faithful

"OK OK.. your turn to ask me... "
"ask la ask la.."

he smiled. ( as predicted)
" ok.. what are the top 5 characters/criterias you want in your ideal life partner"

1. Integrity. He say and do. Say less, do more.
2. The way on how he handle extreme pressure. As in, financial crisis, family problem, others problem, etc etc.. whether he is the one that got bitten easily and give up, or he will rise up once he adjust himself.. never give up.
3. Family commitment. Committed to bring up the family.. take care of children as in children's education, how to bring up children..etc.
4. Responsible.
5. Honesty and Openness, as in he will discuss his problem with me.. willing to listen to my opinion and discuss thing through.. Not ego and always want to be strong in front of me, but just to be himself and sometimes understand that there are moment where a man is weak too..

"ok..2nd questions?"

"What is happiness to you?"
"what??.. as in what will make me happy?"
"wow..that's a lot man............."

hahaha..and i bla bla bla............. as if filling up a blank cheque. haha, Amen to the things i said first.. :D

:D So quite a wonderful conversation and get to know my darling more today. :D
Girls.. we likes this type of meaningful conversation, don't we?

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Star said...

wow wow, cool!

Pastor just advised Jevyn that write down the reason why you choose each other in the paper and exchange with each other... when gaduh, then both can read it again "why you choose me???" muahahha..

so quick quick write it down in BIG BIG paper... useful next time lei... :P

yeah, i raise my hands and legs to agree you: Gals like this conversation to know their partner more... at least u n me like...hehhe..

God bless Chong's couple...muaks..