Monday, May 25, 2009

Pack Lunch again..

Rajin Rajin pack lunch..quite nice..

my colleague made this pancake for me.... ahhaa.. walow... her first trial.. ok la.. i support lo.. ( my gigi almost patah la..)

mix all the mushroom + carrots+ hotdogs !! wahseh, a lot!! cause i am cooking for 3 ppl!
Ta da!! Big bowl of Spag .... + big grapes..

**Ahem** this one fried by KE last Saturday after our 17KM RUN!!! BRAVO!!!! Since i able to make it for 17KM run... so, i decided to sign up for the Klang New Balance Half Marathon coming June 7..(was only sign up for Malakoff for 6km.. hahaa, now replace 6km with 21km since i am on assignment to KL)!! Hope my registration things pass through and able to get the vest n the medal!!! go go go!!!!
Frying Potato.... mix prawn, mix herbs.. err.. wah! potato absorb a lot of oil!!!

Yummy mango from Cold Storage...

err.. my darling also tumpang fried his hotdogs + hamburger meat.... hahaa..quite nice..

Korean Chapchae noodle introduced by my housemate..

This is my packed lunch for today~~~ yummy!!! :D hahaa

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