Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I shared the plan with my customer today.
It was quite a good talk.
He is quite convinced about my presentation and i am quite happy with it.

N at the end, i shared Christ with him...

( a 3.5hours talk from start til end..this is just simplified version)

mmm.. and i think i confused him
I felt like such a fool.

But remembering last night message.... About Abraham's 4th altar.. Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son-Isaac ( the one that he finally got after so many yearsss). Abraham were put to a place called Moriah ( rebel) and he choose to obey. He choose to worship God.

I remembered my promise to God 3 years ago, when He took away my most important thing, and cause me to collapse.. And i asked Him to hold onto me, never let me LET GO of HIM.

.. n tonight, i told God, i can lose the business, but i hope to win a soul for Him. Amen.

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