Monday, May 18, 2009

First Packed Lunch!

OK! After much sayingss... I finally search through the "rubbish-look-a-like" storage area in my house and get the rice cooker out!.. I am making Lunch to office !

1.) Old yet faithful Rice cooker.. haha.. think it belongs to my X... haha..!

2.) Marinated the chicken..( Only Salt +Pepper + Lemon) used.. no oyster sauce, no 5-spices powder.. (trying to stay as original as possible..)

3.) Arranging them in the Tupperware. ( Microwave-able) ok!!

4.) See how big is the "RED GLOBE GRAPE" i got from Tesco Extra!..

5.) Ta da!!!! Forgot to snap a pic for the chicken.. it's inside the BLUE Tupperware.. !

Estimate the $$$ Spent..for 2 persons lunch pack.

1.) Rice-- free.. get from darling
2.) Red Globe Grapes- Rm4 ( half packet)
3.) Baby Carrot - RM 2 (half packet)
4.) Chicken- 2 breast meat ( RM 3)
5.) Lemon- RM 0.58

Altogether= RM 9.58. hehehe~

So tomorrow i am making some pasta... hehee~~ Stay Tuned!

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