Friday, May 29, 2009

Google Map

I am starting to like google map. It measures distance accurately!

(perhaps i am lack of a running watch that can count the accurate distance!)

Garmin 50 or Garmin405CX.

RM280 vs RM1400...
non-GPS vs GPS
non-heart rate calories computation vs heartrate calories computation
non-virtual training partner vs virtual training partner
many more................. arghhh...

What i like in Garmin405CX which Garmin50 doesn't provide?
1.) Map plotting
2.) Calories computation
3.) Accurate distance
4.) Virtual Training partner

who want to sponsor me?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sharing the love of Christ..

So last sunday, pastor said about something...

Being christian is not about sitting in church, listen to sermon and take note.
It's about going out and impact lives!!

Nike: If you want a 100%, u gotta give a 100%. ( well.. not sure how it link to my post, but that's the thing i remember from the sermon)

yeah~~ and here i am............ TOTALLY agreed with what he said...and i was given A chance!.

so one of my colleague was hospitalized......
Drove by the sense of sharing christ's love...
I asked my darling( TQ darling!).. to be my driver....... bought some grapes+ kiwi ( ha! i hate orange!)... 2 books..( 5ppl u met in heaven + 8 barriers to communication--> both books which i finished reading in a short time!).. bla bla bla........

and the end of the visitation, i prayed for him. i just ask him to close his eyes.. ahhaa, he looked surprised................. but he closed his eyes.. :D

ha~~ well, i hope another seed was planted!!! amen.. hehee

2 half marathons in June

so i ve signed up for the new balance klang half marathon... 21km--> June 7.

Standard chartered half marathon--> 21km--> June 28.

Wow, that will make me run for 2 half marathons within a month! hahaha~~ a personal achievement.. :P

go go go!! Full marathon.............. i am coming next...... wait for me!


I think in the whole of 2008, i did not touch DURIAN...

Until now.. Durian season just started, and i already ate twice...! !!!

Yesterday my handphone wanted to eat Durian too!! ish!

Pack Lunch again..

Rajin Rajin pack lunch..quite nice..

my colleague made this pancake for me.... ahhaa.. walow... her first trial.. ok la.. i support lo.. ( my gigi almost patah la..)

mix all the mushroom + carrots+ hotdogs !! wahseh, a lot!! cause i am cooking for 3 ppl!
Ta da!! Big bowl of Spag .... + big grapes..

**Ahem** this one fried by KE last Saturday after our 17KM RUN!!! BRAVO!!!! Since i able to make it for 17KM run... so, i decided to sign up for the Klang New Balance Half Marathon coming June 7..(was only sign up for Malakoff for 6km.. hahaa, now replace 6km with 21km since i am on assignment to KL)!! Hope my registration things pass through and able to get the vest n the medal!!! go go go!!!!
Frying Potato.... mix prawn, mix herbs.. err.. wah! potato absorb a lot of oil!!!

Yummy mango from Cold Storage...

err.. my darling also tumpang fried his hotdogs + hamburger meat.... hahaa..quite nice..

Korean Chapchae noodle introduced by my housemate..

This is my packed lunch for today~~~ yummy!!! :D hahaa

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cute TOY Poodle...

Walow! I saved this pic from someone's picture from the facebook
.......SO CUTE!! ^*^
This is the dog i want to rear....It's called TOY Poodle!!


I shared the plan with my customer today.
It was quite a good talk.
He is quite convinced about my presentation and i am quite happy with it.

N at the end, i shared Christ with him...

( a 3.5hours talk from start til end..this is just simplified version)

mmm.. and i think i confused him
I felt like such a fool.

But remembering last night message.... About Abraham's 4th altar.. Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son-Isaac ( the one that he finally got after so many yearsss). Abraham were put to a place called Moriah ( rebel) and he choose to obey. He choose to worship God.

I remembered my promise to God 3 years ago, when He took away my most important thing, and cause me to collapse.. And i asked Him to hold onto me, never let me LET GO of HIM.

.. n tonight, i told God, i can lose the business, but i hope to win a soul for Him. Amen.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sri Lanka Trip 3

So i went to Sri Lanka early May.. my third trip!... First trip i took dunno how many hundreds photos!
2nd trip also almost hitting few hundreds!!

3rd trip... err, can't believe, i only took with my camera phone.. and it's around 10photos. :P haahha!

I must be bored already.... I want to go New places lei..such as Korea, NZ, China..

1.) View from Hotel.... lucky my friend got upgraded to executive floor..can enjoy the executive free bar... hehee

2.) Me as executive... :P

3.) absolutely Free!!! Somemore they heat up for u, ok! :P

4.) NIce christmas tree- look-a-like in the hotel.... they are all tea potss..

5.) Jap sashimi i ate... errr.. just dunno Y they charged salmon so expensive!!! Almost RP2000. ( RM1 ~ RP 18) imagine! not cheap ho! ..

:D that's all..Sri Lanka Trip No 3!

So many birthdays

Wahseh! cannot believe!! So many ppl birthday on Thursday huh!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

First Packed Lunch!

OK! After much sayingss... I finally search through the "rubbish-look-a-like" storage area in my house and get the rice cooker out!.. I am making Lunch to office !

1.) Old yet faithful Rice cooker.. haha.. think it belongs to my X... haha..!

2.) Marinated the chicken..( Only Salt +Pepper + Lemon) used.. no oyster sauce, no 5-spices powder.. (trying to stay as original as possible..)

3.) Arranging them in the Tupperware. ( Microwave-able) ok!!

4.) See how big is the "RED GLOBE GRAPE" i got from Tesco Extra!..

5.) Ta da!!!! Forgot to snap a pic for the chicken.. it's inside the BLUE Tupperware.. !

Estimate the $$$ Spent..for 2 persons lunch pack.

1.) Rice-- free.. get from darling
2.) Red Globe Grapes- Rm4 ( half packet)
3.) Baby Carrot - RM 2 (half packet)
4.) Chicken- 2 breast meat ( RM 3)
5.) Lemon- RM 0.58

Altogether= RM 9.58. hehehe~

So tomorrow i am making some pasta... hehee~~ Stay Tuned!

Leave Balance

I checked my leave balance today= a happy 10.5days!


Calculate further... it's MAY now.
June--> get 1 day
July --> get 1 day
Total + Aug= 13.5days!

July--> need 4 days
July 31- Aug 19--> Need 14days!

I need 18days leave and now i gonna have 13.5
18 minus 13.5= 4.5 days. ERR!

Boss, Can you loan me 4.5days ar?
mm hold on, may be less than that.. i am entitled to 16days leave per year, don't i?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Running Partner, Safe Route!

ar, i been looking at my friend running blog!

well, she has been running non-stop! wow.. training hard on her own... getting better and better.

and when i look at myself.. Here i am!
Seeking "excuse" not to do it!

"ah.. i am sick"
"ah.. i gotta meet someone"

well the fact is.. i am just LAZYYY! that's what i told my brain.
I always believe, when someone really interested in something, no matter how busy that person is, He/She will ALWAYS...YES ALWAYS!!!..make time for that!

Consistency! I need Consistency!!!
GO go go!!!

**ha! what is my title doing about for this post???............... yeah!! MERE EXCUSES!!!****
I learned about the Power of the Name of JESUS today..


packed lunch

I keep thinking of packed lunch to office...
a bit sick of the food outside...
started from chicken, vege, fruits daily...(what a healthy meal)
go to mee... soup..etc..(trying out something non-RICE)
until with only vege/egg/ taufu.. ..(vegetarian!)
and til today.. 1 dish.. vege OR TAUFU! ( no choice..)

totally don't stir up my interest to eat..! ( how the extra KG still stubbornly stick in my body arrr!)

i am packing lunch to work...

First is to get a good TUPPERWARE! :D okok..GO GO GO!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

the story of LIFTING...

mmm, so i went lifting today..........

hahahahaha.........what?! nah....... Not lifting weights... just some spirit lifting.. :P

Always when someone is down, you be there listen and encourage.. ( i sometimes suspect i am a bit blunt and direct, but sometimes, i am quite creative in comforting ppl too! ) hahaa

And remember to give thanks.......appreciate.... tell from your experiences.....

Give them a real matter how reluctant you are.. how SMART you are.. (always think we r the smarter one right..haha)... Just make sure you DON"T PRETEND!, Give them your REAL heart.... ppl sense that!

mm.. So 2 stories today:
1.) Soon-to-be-diver-though-failed-this-moment
ok, so she failed her diving license. she is sad, she cried.
I shared to her my diving experiences.
I told her about learning step by step.

I told her about we need to refine our skills as we dive more and more.. it's a PROCESS. Not a 1-day thing. Even til today, i logged 26dives.. (err, not a lot i know), i still got sick many times.. i still feel cold and scratch my leg when lose balance and hit the corals... i still failed to have neutral buoyancy sometimes... So what?? I can only IMPROVE..with my TIMING. ...

32years staying on LAND and with JUST 4DAYS(not even FULL 4days) under water and you can't get used to it.. you feeling bad?? COME ON!!!!......

mmm.. :D show her video on Team Hyot.
you CAN! go go go!

2.) big-encouragement from STAR.
hehe, star encouraged me with my presentation slides i did for her about her policies..
haha, that gives me a real big encouragement.. hehe, i must continue to do my best... yeah..go go go girl! :D

aiseh.. story of lifting ended....

n my darling unlift me! aiseh! BLEK!!!!!! nvm............ go go go!!! hahaaha

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You make travelling POSSIBLE!

was bz booking flights lately!
i got the total of 5 flights booked yesterday!
one night at TUNE hotel!..
and previous day i book 1 flight.

WOW> my credit card must be crying... hahaa.. but guess what?

I want to give tribute to Air Asia and its RM0 OFFER!!!!!!! You r the best!
and thank to TUNE hotel LCCT!! ( i still struggled to find out when is the right time for promotion and how's the trend like for TUNE hotel.. but... ya, i am interested! )

Just as i were thinking to get not just the Air Asia promotion ticket..the TUNE hotel booking.. i am thinking to get to know more about air asia too. I remember somewhere...... i saw something RED... what do u think of when u see RED?.... hahah! I bet you... malaysian.... Air Asia! now everyone can fly!:D

the upcoming fever will be with the TUNE hotel............ :D check out their web!

Next.... --> Can you believe there's CEO blog ? just found out minutes a go.... definitely will find out more.

ha! Well..( i have been thought to give thanks).....

indeed, now..everyone can FLY!

RM150 bali

So yeah, enjoyed the air asia RM0 fees!

Got a trip to BALI, 21-27April, 2010!

KL-Bali (return)= RM 80
Pg-KL(return) = RM70

Total: RM150!!! Yes!

Mt Agung, Dives, Surf, I am coming!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Felix n Siou Lian Wedding

I like this photo a lot!! heheeh~~ the effect made by my normal panasonic LUMIX FX9..taking continuous mode... they are clear, background a bit blur.. :D

ahaha, but 1 note, notice the guy in white? haha! he is causing my CG girls going crazy over him.. hahahaa.. everybody added him in facebook, except 1 cutey tarik harga.. hahah!! Let's see.......


wah..nice!! RM35 only for 3 big cow+ 1 small cow. 1 big cow=2 small cow= smaller dishes...

so here, the vege n mushroom= 2 small cows.... n the plate of meats= 3 big cow! ngam ngam for 1 person! perfect!!

I love yakiniku!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

ar.. lost!

when i was swimming by the sea the other day during MGC outing..
i lost one side of my ear ring!! :(

and good thing my darling got 2 new pairs for me!! hehehe~~

today as i worked out at the Hilton's Gym here in Colombo.......... arrhh!! I lost the whole pair of ear ring he bought!!

err.. i quickly called my colleague, searching through the way back to gym.. :( sadly, i could not locate it!! sob!! So i lost my green ear ring.. Sorry!! sorry!!!

but i remember he said."nevermind lar, buy a new cheap" hahaha~~ so i gonna claimed a new pair when i got back.... coz, at least i try to search for it..!! :D

Friday, May 01, 2009

His needs..

mm, so on the way back to ipoh.. i talked to my darling.

"Question.. what are the 5 things that i have which make u think that i am suitable for you?"

1. Spiritual Maturity.. Not perfected yet but there are some. :E
2. Can relate to my family.. ( ha! that's my strength ok.. :P )
3. common interests.. as in sports, do things together...etc..( i will take that as Recreational partnership)
4. Can take care of family, children.. can cook, can clean up sometimes.. ( ha! clean up... haha... well, anyway, acceptable to him.. :o )
5. matured in handling finances.

"Question.. what are the 5 things that you want to see in your life partner.. as in i am not suppose to be taken for example.. and you have to think yourself.. generally."

1. Spiritual Maturity. I think this is the most important one.
2. Physical appearance... ( hahaha! men will always be men )
3. common interests..
4. domestic support
5. faithful

"OK OK.. your turn to ask me... "
"ask la ask la.."

he smiled. ( as predicted)
" ok.. what are the top 5 characters/criterias you want in your ideal life partner"

1. Integrity. He say and do. Say less, do more.
2. The way on how he handle extreme pressure. As in, financial crisis, family problem, others problem, etc etc.. whether he is the one that got bitten easily and give up, or he will rise up once he adjust himself.. never give up.
3. Family commitment. Committed to bring up the family.. take care of children as in children's education, how to bring up children..etc.
4. Responsible.
5. Honesty and Openness, as in he will discuss his problem with me.. willing to listen to my opinion and discuss thing through.. Not ego and always want to be strong in front of me, but just to be himself and sometimes understand that there are moment where a man is weak too..

"ok..2nd questions?"

"What is happiness to you?"
"what??.. as in what will make me happy?"
"wow..that's a lot man............."

hahaha..and i bla bla bla............. as if filling up a blank cheque. haha, Amen to the things i said first.. :D

:D So quite a wonderful conversation and get to know my darling more today. :D
Girls.. we likes this type of meaningful conversation, don't we?

3years 4 months and 19days

after so long.... today, it's MGC outing at Sg Batu.

I saw a familiar figure. One of his friend..
and then.. i saw a familiar car.
and then.. i saw another familiar girl.
and... i saw him.

Can't describe the actual emotion within me.
No emotion detected.

Weird. Thing has changed.
Perhaps, TIME really does heal.